Old Stuff

This page is where I'll post downloads for very old / abandoned projects. I don't have the time to maintain a separate website or page for all of these, especially as some are over 15 years old! I just wanted to provide a safe download site as the original author. Nothing here is supported - I don't even have the source code any more to a few of these, and it's possible you'll experience issues on modern OSes.

R1Q2 / R1GL

Quake II engine mod focused on speed and security. Download: r1q2-websetup.exe. Source is available on github.


Injects into an app and breaks all Winsock functionality (useful if your internet is down but apps keep trying to connect to something). Download: nonet-1.0.zip.


Faster Windows tracert with DNS cache and other options. Available in command line or GUI versions.


mIRC DLL for querying Winamp 2/5 or Foobar2000 (with foo_winamp_spam) song information. Download: r1dll-0.4.zip

TA Conflict Crusher

Fixes conflicting unit/weapon IDs in Cavedog's "Total Annihilation", with some other small utility. Download: taccsetup.exe