Dynamically adjust process priority of background applications to maximize game performance


GameBoostHD is a tiny application that will watch for various game launches. When a game is detected, GameBoostHD will lower the priority of common background apps that often use CPU. This includes things like game launchers (Battle.Net, Steam, etc) and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE). The system power profile will also be set to "High Performance" while a game is running. This will hopefully improve performance of the game (increased FPS and fewer stutters) as it won't be competing for timeslices with other processes.

The idea behind this came about when I was playing Overwatch and noticed the launcher was using up to 12% of my CPU due to the animated GIFs and javascript and whatever else it was running. Using GameBoostHD won't reduce the CPU usage percent - it only alters the scheduling priority. For example, after running GameBoostHD, the launcher will never be allowed to "steal" CPU attention from Overwatch, but if there is spare CPU power it is still allowed to use it.

Supported Games


GameBoostHD has no installer or user interface. Simply run the .exe file and the program will be running. It will work continuously until a shutdown / reboot. It's written in C / Win32 API so it's extremely lightweight and will use minimal resources running in the background. If you want it to run when you start your PC (recommended), make a shortcut to it in your Start / Programs / Startup folder or set up a scheduled task.


The program will work on 32 and 64 bit Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. No additional files are needed, just unzip and run. (3 KiB). GameBoostHD 1.41.

Note: Some antivirus software may incorrectly flag the download as malicious, presumably because GameBoostHD opens handles to other programs. Please report the false positive to your anti-virus vendor's customer support if you are affected by this.

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