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February 14 2017 - Fake the foreground application across a LAN. Launcher CPU Usage Fix

December 29 2016 - Reduce CPU usage of the launcher by disabling web content.

Managing USB bandwidth with USBView

October 26 2016 - Find out how to make your USB devices perform optimally by moving them to less saturated controllers.

Wi-Fi Beacon Pollution

October 17 2016 - Useless access points are hurting everyone.

An overview of cheating at LAN events

July 25 2016 - How cheating is possible at LAN events and what can be done to prevent it

Gravatar Considered Harmful

February 15 2016 - Gravatar leaks your personal information. Stop using it.

Add USB3 drivers to your Windows 7 installation with Linux

January 12 2016 - How to copy USB3 and other driver files into your Windows 7 installation

Reduce gaming and streaming lag with a Mikrotik RouterBOARD

January 22 2015 - A guide on how to set up a Mikrotik RouterBOARD to RB951 improve your network